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Breakout spaces

There are sofas outside meeting rooms and elsewhere.  All members of The Racquets Court are free to sit comfortably and chat.

We have two meeting rooms right here in Newcastle City centre available to hire by the full or half day

Impress customers and colleagues

The Meeting Rooms are equipped with the most up to date video conferencing facilities – supported by The Racquets Court connectivity.  If you need to conference globally, there is no better location – your connection will be robust and secure and the environment will enhance the conversation.

Meeting rooms house 10, boardroom style. 20, theatre style.


The Racquets Court meeting spaces come with coffee, tea, biscuits, fruit and confectionary (ad lib).  We can arrange lunch or dinner also.

Meeting rooms come with pads and pens;  flip charts if required.

With the exception of lunch / dinner, there are no additional charges.

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