What is The Racquets Court

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The Racquets Court is a luxurious open plan environment perfectly matched to those businesses that need

  • the best connectivity
  • a great location
  • the benefits that derive from working alongside people in similar markets
  • an environment in which to welcome & meet the most demanding customers
Work comfortably
Greet comfortably

Our Community

Although some may think that a community is a place where people care for one another as well as share an environment, our definition is more constrained.

The Racquets Court is a community of people that have ‘perspectives’ and interests in common. The founding group is Gavurin which is a data business. Ideally our community will be people who hover around this broad market.

Your business is likely to need the things that The Racquets Court uniquely has.

And as people, you’ll be alive to the need to co-exist happily in a beautiful space, our Cafe and meeting spaces;  and be mindful of the need for security in our 24/ 7 environment.