Ethical & Sustainable Workspace

Workspaces should not only foster productivity but also contribute positively to the planet and society.

This is why we have created a workspace that goes beyond the ordinary, offering you an exceptional environment where sustainability and ethics are at the core of everything we do.

Read some of our core values below along with the ongoing work and our long term goals.

🌿 Sustainable Design: Our workspace has been meticulously designed with the environment in mind. From energy-efficient lighting to environmentally friendly air-circulation systems, every element has been chosen to reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve even integrated natural lighting in the form of our original, Victorian feature ceiling, and green spaces to enhance your well-being while supporting nature.

🌱 Green Commute: We encourage sustainable transportation options. Our location is easily accessible by public transport and we are located on Newcastle’s main cycle route, and we offer secure bike storage to minimize your impact on the environment.

🤝 Ethical Partnerships: We collaborate with ethical suppliers and support fair trade practices. From the food in our snack counter to the cleaning supplies we use daily in our shared space, you can be confident that your workspace supports ethical business practices.

🌟 Community of Change-makers: Join a community of like-minded professionals who share your passion for sustainability and ethics. Network, collaborate, and innovate in an atmosphere that inspires positive change.

📚 Learning and Education: We are always looking for ways to do better. We are members of Ethical Consumer which help us with our product research. Publications are available throughout the space for you to enjoy.

🌞 Well-being at the Core: A sustainable and ethical workspace isn’t just about the environment; it’s about your well-being too. Enjoy ergonomic furniture, calming greenery, and flexibility that promotes work-life balance and mental health.

⚖️ Ethical Employment: “Whoever is happy will make others happy too” – Anne Frank. Our employees are paid above the National Living Wage, have generous holiday allowances and flexible working for a better work-life balance. We also match pensions up to 9%.

Join us at The Racquets Court and be a part of something bigger. Together, we are redefining the future of work, one sustainable and ethical choice at a time. Make your workspace a force for good. Welcome to a brighter, greener, and more ethical future.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today to schedule a tour and experience the future of work for yourself.