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Booking Terms & Conditions


The Racquets Court is a community. We provide facilities and an environment which is conducive to working in a community for the benefit of individuals and groups.

In addition to the Members of The Racquets Court community to which these terms and conditions apply, The Racquets Court also hosts others who visit temporarily. These visitors may be using The Racquets Court facilities (such as the meeting rooms) or (for example) someone visiting a Member and being hosted in a breakout space or the kitchen.

To enable everyone (Members and visitors) to enjoy The Racquets Court, there are a number of terms and conditions which go towards ensuring that that enjoyment is unspoilt.

  1. In consideration of payment of fees to The Racquets Court and subject to the matters set out below, The Racquets Court shall grant the Company a license for the duration of their booking to authorise their company to use TRC. The Company agrees to ensure its employees abide by these Terms and Conditions. The term ‘member’ in these Terms and Conditions applies, as appropriate, to all users of the space.
  2. Unacceptable behaviour by any member may be treated by The Racquets Court as the Company’s behaviour. In particular a breach of contract by one member may, at The Racquets Court discretion, be treated as a breach of contract by the Company.
  3. This license is not transferrable, but personal to the booker. Fees shall be paid in full.
  4. Subject to The Racquets Court right to terminate without notice for breach of these conditions, or for failure by the Company to pay any fees or charges as they fall due, either party may terminate their no later than 48 hours before booking begins.
  5. Where a member causes loss or damage (other than fair wear and tear) to property, the Company may be liable, on demand, to pay the cost of repair or replacement by The Racquets Court. The provision of a replacement by the Company shall not be sufficient.
  6. Members shall at all times conduct themselves so as to respect others’ quiet enjoyment of The Racquets Court and take reasonable steps to avoid loss or damage to property belonging to The Racquets Court, or others entitled to be in The Racquets Court. In particular Members shall not conduct themselves or allow any guest to conduct themselves in a manner likely to cause nuisance, annoyance, discomfort, distress, or the like to others in the Racquets Court.
  7. Immediately at the conclusion of any use of the kitchen, meeting space or breakout area members shall remove/clean any crockery, cutlery, food waste, papers, debris, or the like and the area cleaned and tidied by the members. (This may include putting used crockery / cutlery etc into the dishwasher).
  8. The Racquets Court and its staff shall not be liable for any valuables, documents or other material left on desks or tables or anywhere in The Racquets Court.
  9. Members shall not use or allow use of The Racquets Court internet network or phone system to upload or download anything that is illegal, pornographic, discriminatory or abusive. Members shall take appropriate steps to ensure that no viruses, trojans, worms or any other malware or potentially harmful software shall be released or downloaded onto The Racquets Court internet network.
  10. The entrances are monitored by CCTV, and the building protected by motion-sensor keycode un/set burglar alarm with a code personal to each member. Triggering the alarm results in telephone notification to an appropriate authority.
  11. Members will follow the Safe Working Guide provided The Racquets Court.
  12. All members may be given a security fob to gain entry to the building and a security code for the alarm system. Members must remember to ensure all doors are closed and alarm is set when the last person leaves the building.