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The Metro Fibre Network
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The Racquets Court workspace offers something unique. It is the first building in Newcastle to join the Stellium Network. The 40km metro fibre network is the only OPEN network in Newcastle. The multi-duct network is the first of its kind to be built in the city and connects Stellium’s datacentres to multiple long-haul and international carriers. The Stellium Network is a low-latency, high-capacity connection to London, Europe and the US.

In other words, low latency describes a network that is optimised to process data with minimal delay (latency). The Stellium network can therefore support operations that require near real-time access to rapidly changing data. The network reduces latency to New York to a staggering 69.3 milliseconds (updated May 2022).

The Racquets Court, which is a mere 50 metres from Stellium’s fibre network, is linked to it via a Gigabit bearer into the building.  This carrier can be scaled up if necessary.

Members of The Racquets Court enjoy a routine 200Mb download (and upload) speed with an ability, if required, to scale up to 1Gb.  The network is Cat6 cabled to take advantage of advanced connectivity capabilities.  Members are able also to take advantage of Stellium Cloud Services – some of the most advanced anywhere.

The Racquets Court internal network is managed by Cisco switches and supported by UPS.  There are also secure wireless points throughout the building and outside it.

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Stellium have released a Latency Map which identifies the connectivity speeds to key locations. View the full map here.

Points of Interest:

  • Newcastle to London – 4.7ms
  • Newcastle to Oslo – 10ms
  • Newcastle to Amsterdam – 10.1ms
  • Newcastle to Paris – 9.1ms
  • Newcastle to New York – 69.3ms
  • Newcastle to Washington – 65ms