Creating the WOW in The Racquets Court

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When people walk into The Racquets Court the first thing they say is WOW

Getting the look

Our objective: to create a look that is a modern counterpoint to the splendour of the restored building. The look is unique and special.

We’ve written a blog describing our ‘furniture journey’ – it was interesting and occasionally depressing given our wish to purchase both British and locally.

We’ve created an integrated colour palette; we have seating which enables people to work (and relax) comfortably, with good lumbar support.  Our coffee / eating area will spill outside in the summer – the furniture works both inside and out.

We had surprises on the way. For example, it’s difficult to get 4 seater cafe tables that are square! We found that when a German business gets its new tooling a bit wrong and misses delivery dates – it’s customer service is stunning. We discovered that we bought office floor covering by the decibel.  We found a small family owned supplier of office furniture down in Essex that really does get it right!  See our blog for more.

Creating the WOW