Essential Kit Every Remote Worker Needs in 2024

Remote working isn’t a new thing, but it has risen in popularity since the pandemic. Many businesses have embraced remote or hybrid working. This offers more flexibility, boosts productivity and work-life balance. It can cut costs for both employees and employers and allows organisation to tap into a global talent pool. Despite all the benefits, effective communication and the right kit are crucial for success. Here’s our list of essential kit every remote worker needs in 2024.

  • Portable Monitor
  • Portable Keyboard
  • Laptop Riser
  • Privacy Screen
  • Headphones
  • Wireless Chargers
  • Hubs & Adaptors
  • Digital Notebook
  • Bags

Of course, it’s not always possible, practical or affordable to buy absolutely everything, which is why we also hire out key equipment such as headphones, monitors, keyboards and laptop risers.

Portable Monitor

A portable monitor is great for people who use more than one screen for their work. In fact, research by Jon Peddie found that using multiple screens can improve productivity by around 42% across various job types. It helps you view more content, swap between applications quickly, navigate multiple windows and view documents and spreadsheets side by side.

Portable monitors are usually around the same size as a laptop screen and fold flat so they can be carried around with your usual kit. You can find free standing monitors or even ones that clip onto your laptop and have multiple screens. Some still require external power so you may need additional cables, but some have built in batteries.

Different monitors are better suited for different things such as gaming, for creatives, more compatible for MacBooks etc, so it very much depends on the type of work you do as to which monitor is best for you.

You can see PCMag’s list of best portable monitors for 2024 here 


Portable Keyboard

If you’re working from a laptop, it’s important to ensure you are sitting comfortably in order to make the most of your working day. This includes having your body in the right position such as relaxed shoulders, wrists and forearms inline. You should also have your monitor in the right position to avoid neck pain and eye strain. To achieve this, you may find you need to use a laptop risers (see below), but if you do this, then your keyboard will be in the wrong position. This is where portable keyboards come in very handy.

Like with monitors, there are many different types of portable keyboards depending on the work you do. Some are compact and ideal for carrying around with you, some are split which are often better for those with wrist pain or limited movements and some have mechanical keys which are better if you do a lot of typing.

You can find a list of best portable keyboards here

There are also some all-in-one solutions such as this

Essential remote workers kit - keyboard


Laptop Riser

As mentioned above, to avoid neck strain, you’re supposed to keep the top of your monitor around eye level. This can be tricky if you’re working on a laptop all the time, but fortunately there is a whole range of portable laptop risers that can really save your neck. Many of these can fold down flat so they are easy to carry about with you, but others are handy if you need a more permanent solution.

Here’s a list of best laptop stands by CBSNews


Privacy screen

A computer privacy screen is a polarised sheet that covers your display screen on your laptop and/or monitor. This is great to prevent wandering eyes from seeing potential confidential information. They work by limiting the viewing angle so you can only see the screen properly if you’re looking head-on.

Most privacy screens also help reduce blue light, reduce glare and protect your screen.

There are different types of privacy screens depending on what your concern is, as well as different installation methods for them. You can find magnetic screens which attach to your display frame, or screens that use natural static cling and are applied directly to your screen. You can also find permanent privacy screens.



Headphones are essential if you’re working in a coworking space, shared office or coffee shop. Not only for when you’re taking or making calls, but also for concentration and productivity. Now obviously everyone has different requirements for headphones and fortunately there are plenty of different types to choose from. Some are better for long periods of use, some are better for noise cancellation, some have better sound quality, some are more portable etc.

For remote working, wireless headphones are more convenient so you have a quicker setup so ones with a long battery life are ideal.

Here’s a great list for headphones

Headset - Coworking essentials

Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers are a game changer for remote workers.

There are many different designs and configurations for wireless chargers, so find one that suits your devices. Combination wireless chargers can deal with your phones, headphones, watches etc, you can also find wireless chargers that are attached to desk mats, lamps or even are built into your desk top.

Here’s a list of best wireless chargers according to Wired


Hubs & Adaptors

If you’re working on the go, having a handy adaptor or hub in your bag means you will be able to connect to more tech. Not every laptop is directly compatible with every thing you need. Maybe you need more USB or HDMi ports. These hubs and adaptors come in a whole range of configurations and are inexpensive and very portable.
Here’s a list from Best Product Reviews


Digital Notebook

See, I still like writing things down. I write my to-do lists each day, I write notes up in meetings, I jot ideas down as my day goes on. A digital notebook combines the practice of actually writing things down with integrating cloud storage.

If you’re working remotely, carrying around your notebooks or diaries can just add extra bulk you don’t need, and if you don’t happen to have it with you, you’re relying on finding scraps of paper to use and re-writing up notes after. A digital notebook means you are always connected to your notes no matter where you are and you can always add/update.

Here’s a list of the best digital notebooks from ZDNet



If you’re moving around from home to the office to meetings to site visits etc, you’ll need a solid bag that can hold everything you need, plus be comfortable, secure and protective. Since the rise of hybrid working, we’ve seen more stylish bags and bags offering a bit more function as well, such as bags with more compartments, bags with extra padding, bags with USB ports and so much more.

It’s important to ensure whatever bag you chose, it’s comfortable to wear when full. Padded shoulder straps don’t always look the most stylish but they make such a difference.

We’ve found a great list of bags here from Glamour Magazine

Kit for remote workers - Bag