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21st November 2022

Virtual Office: Do I Need One?

Virtual office. You’ve probably heard the phrase bandied around or seen it written down when you’ve been looking into setting up your business. So...

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3rd November 2022

Bonfire & Fireworks Night in Newcastle

Guy Fawkes Night. Firework Night. Bonfire Night. Whatever you call it, it’s here. On 5th November each year, we gather at various firework displays...

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1st November 2022

National Stress Awareness Day 2022

National Stress Awareness Day 2022 – 2nd November Stress. It affects us so much more than we realise. From our personal relationships to our...

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25th July 2022

Best Lunch Spots in Newcastle

Being a city centre co-working space has many benefits, but near the top of that list is the fantastic range of eateries right on...

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6th October 2021

How To Create a People-Focussed Workplace

Flexibility is the key Since March 2020 many employees were forced to work from home and discovered the simple joys in being there more....

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15th June 2021

Desk Hoteling vs Hot Desking

By now most of us are familiar with hot desking, but what about desk hoteling? Hot desking simply heading into the office (or co-working...

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