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Desk Hoteling

Desk Hoteling vs Hot Desking

By now most of us are familiar with hot desking, but what about desk hoteling?

Hot desking simply heading into the office (or co-working space, shared workspace facility etc) and using an available desk. While it does have many benefits, it also received its fair share of criticism.

Why don’t people like the idea of hot desking?

Hot desking can be uncertain. You don’t know where you’ll be sat or who you’ll be sat next to. What if the office is full? This can be especially frustrating if you’re heading in 5 days a week as you have to take all your stuff in with you every day and always changing desks. Many offices use hot desking to maximise space efficiency and encourage team members to interact with different people.

Hot desking is suited towards people who use shared office facilities a few days per week/month. For example, if your team only need to use a couple of desks twice a week, a co-working space can offer you this without making you pay for the days that you don’t use. This is much better value than hiring a whole office suite that is rarely at 100% capacity.

But there is still an uncertainty about where you will be sitting, and will you be sat with your team?

This brings us to Desk Hoteling

Desk Hoteling is very similar to hot desking, but rather than it being first-come-first-serve, you can pre-book your desks to ensure you are sat where you need to be sat.

Often using an app or booking system, you can reserve specific desks when you need them with confidence.

This method of office management is wonderfully geared towards co-working spaces as it means you know the desk will be sanitised and prepared ready for your arrival, you won’t be wasting time trying to find desks near your colleagues, and you still only paying for the space you use.

Desk Hoteling

How to book a desk at The Racquets Court

As part of our research into making The Racquets Court as safe as possible during these unusual times,  we are excited to announce that we are launching a new desk hoteling model which will enable companies and individuals to specifically reserve desks as and when they need them.

Simple head over to our booking page, sign up and select your desks and take it from there or get in touch with a member of our team