Top 10 Essentials You Need in a Co-Working Space

Everyone who has ever worked in a co-working space, coffee shop, shared office or even when setting up your own home office, will know there are some essentials that you just have to have to make the days productive.

After speaking with some of our members, we’ve compiled a list of co-working essentials that everyone needs.


  1. Laptop (& charger)
    If I had a pound for every time someone had turned up without a charger for their laptop I’d be…well I’d have probably £5…but that’s not the point. In this day and age, forgetting your laptop for work is like forgetting you pet when going to the vets or forgetting your car at the garage. While we can usually lend you a charger, it’s best to remember your own.Laptop - Coworking essential
  1. Notebook
    Okay so not an essential essential, they’re incredibly useful. I’m old school and like a written to-do list to keep me right, though I can make do with a piece of paper or post-it notes.Notebook - Coworking Essentials
  1. Pens or pencils
    Plain or ridiculous, but must be able to write with it. We often have millions of these in the bottom of our bags or absolutely none to found. Fortunately we’ve got plenty.Pens - coworking essentials
  1. Water bottle and/or portable coffee cup
    It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day so water is a no-brainer, however many people also need tea or coffee to get through the day. While we do provide cups and glasses, many like to have their own portable drinks vessels.Water bottles - Coworking essentials
    1. Laptop riser
      A small, portable laptop riser can be a life saver. The DSE health and safety guide tells us to keep screens at eye level which can be tricky if you’re working from a laptop which is why these nifty little risers are not only very handy, but also a coworking space essential. We have a number of risers available to borrow onsite if you do forget.Laptop risers - open and closed - coworking essentials


  1. Portable keyboards and computer mouse
    If you’ve got your laptop raised to the correct position for your posture, chances are you can’t comfortably type. There are loads of portable sets that can help you out here.keyboard and mouse - coworking essentials
  1. Headsets and/or headphones
    Whether it’s for video calls or just to listen to your favourite tunes, headphones definitely make the essentials list.Headset - Coworking essentials
  1. Desk fan
    Not for everyone but it makes my essentials list. In the summer I love the feeling of a gentle breeze.Desk fan - coworking essentials
  1. Phone charger
    I mean, it’s self-explanatory really, but if you’re going to making a lot of calls or generally doing some scrolling, you’re probably going to need a charger.Phone Charger - coworking essentials
  1. Desk snacks
    Biscuits, fruit, drinks, chocolate, whatever gets you through the day, bring with you! Personally I like sweet & salty popcorn close by if I’m going to be working on a big project. Always best to check no one has any airborn allergiesDesk snacks - Coworking essentials

BONUS. Business cards
Well, you never know who you might meet in a co-working space. Could be your next big client, your next business partner or even your next best friend.Business cards - coworking essentials


If you’re interested in co-working or hot desking, or would like some more information about the services we offer, please do not hesitate to get in touch!