What Type Of Office Is Right For You?

Whether you’re a one-man band or a giant corporate, you need somewhere to work.

There are plenty of different types of offices out there so choosing one for your business can be difficult. It is important to think about what the office needs to be for you. Is it an address? Is it to help you attract (and retain) staff? Or is it somewhere for your team to interact? Depending what you hope to get from your office will depend on which one is best for you. So we’re written a list of a few things to consider.


The facilities can vary from space to space, some will offer you all-inclusive packages, so you can plug in a play on day one, whereas other will offer you lower rates but you have to sort your own utilities and suppliers. Some businesses don’t have the time or resources to make sure they’re getting the best energy details and deal maintenance contracts, in which case offices which take this stress away are often an attractive solution.


Length of commitment

“Dream big” that’s what they always say. If you have a growing team, or your headcount fluctuates across the year, do you really want to commit for 3+ years to one space? Flexible spaces will offer you the luxury of easy in easy out contracts. This works well for businesses who might take on a new project in a different city and need a temporary office to get it up and running.



In a similar way, if your business is expected to grow rapidly, you need to be able to future proof your office space without over committing. If you’re not in a position to pay for space you might need in the future, then look at somewhere which will allow you to grow your headcount at your own rate such as a shared office or co-working space.


The Look

Looks aren’t everything, but they do count when it comes to office space. Employees spend an average of 3,515 full days at work over the course of their lifespan so it important to find an office space where they can thrive personally and professionally. Access to quality furniture, natural daylight, greenery and a nice design will help improve mood and productivity within your team. A nice office space will also help keep your team engaged while also attracting new talent as it shows them that you care about your team’s well-being.



Without beating around the bush, budget is definitely something you need to consider. But remember that the headline price is not always reflective of the true cost of occupying an office space. Before setting up The Racquets Court, we spoke to many different building owners who all flagged that one of the biggest costs is cleaning (you can read more about this here). It is important to consider your ‘must haves’ and ‘would likes’ when finding your ideal office space. Do you really need a customised ping pong table? Identify what is important to your business objectives and the well-being of your team and start there. You can always add the ‘would likes’ later.


Private or Shared

Here’s where I would like to dispel a myth: you can work with sensitive information and be in a shared office. In fact, we’ve got data companies working out of The Racquets Court. Providing you don’t leave sensitive documents out on your desk or confidential emails open on your screen while you go for lunch, you can work in a shared space. Most shared offices have meeting rooms, break out areas or other places you can go with your colleagues for a chat if you don’t want to be overheard.
In a private space, you often have more authority to change the decor or layout, but you may also have to budget for kitting out the place as well. Shared offices often come furnished (often to a high standard with quality products are they are built to last), so you can have fewer overheads when first moving in.



The right location can make a huge difference, not only to your team, but also to your clients. Will you have clients visiting the office on a regular basis? In which case you may need to think about how they will get there (i.e. will they be able to walk? Drive? Public transport?). We know that the average UK worker will spend 400 days of their life commuting, so in the interest of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, it’s worth considering location when selecting your next office.


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