The Racquets Court – A Safe Workspace

Well, what a year!

It turns out that 2020 hasn’t quite gone as planned for most of us, but now we need to focus on how to adapt in this new world.

When we built The Racquets Court, the idea was to create a close-knit community. A place to build strong relationships, new collaborations and explore new and exciting projects. At the beginning of 2020, our memberships was growing steadily, enquiries were increasing and we were having new conversations with different organisations nearly every day. Lockdown meant we had to press pause on many things and think of ways we could continue to function as a workspace, but, a workspace where people feel safe and comfortable to work from.

What We’ve Done to Make Our Workspace Safe

Safe Workspace Poll

We attended several (virtual) seminars about getting back to the office, making the office safer and co-working communities in general, all of which gave us some good ideas to explore for The Racquets Court. We took time to conduct research into our ideas and sought feedback from members, visitors and followers and finally arrived at ideas to improve the safety within our space and promote good health.

Air Circulation

Fortunately, The Racquets Court has a sophisticated air circulation system rather than air conditioning. Why is that important? The system continuously draws fresh, filtered air into the building and pushes out the air from inside. Therefore, you can feel confident that the air you breathe is as fresh as possible and filtered.

Our system is also more environmentally friendly than air conditioning, helping to protect our planet as well as our people.

And, on top of this, The Racquets Court has a self-opening glass roof for maximum fresh air. The clever thing is, it has rain sensors so it closes automatically when the weather turns.


We mention this regularly because it really is important – and getting more so with every day that passes. The Racquets Court is one of the few buildings in the North East connected to the Stellium Network. Our standard network speed is 200MB (up and down) via a gigabit carrier. This means your video conference calls and online collaboration platforms will perform better, enabling you to work for efficiently.

Temperature Scanner

Our research indicated that the majority of respondents felt safer with a temperature scanner at the entrance to their workplace. Although body temperature is not a substitute for COVID-19 testing, it does indicate whether someone should be entering The Racquets Court and our scanner gives an audible response and is capable of facial recognition. This therefore helps us to protect our members.

Temperature Scanner

Social Distancing

We fully promote social distancing with The Racquets Court. The desks are spaced out throughout the building and we have reduced capacity in the smaller spaces such as meeting rooms and the main kitchen.

Hand Sanitising & Hand Washing

We have installed a hand sanitisation station at the entrance to the building and have ensured all sinks are stocked with Arran Aromatics luxury hand wash and hand cream. Regular handwashing and sanitising is drying out our hands (a small price to pay to prevent the spread of COVID-19), however as the colder months come, it is very important to look after hands – and moisturising will do that.


I’ve Got Bills, I’ve Got To Pay…

While many people have been enjoying working from home over the summer, as winter comes, the heating comes on and the bills go up. Our packages include utilities so your team can relax a bit when it comes to heating and electricity bills at home.

Bike Storage & Showers

Avoiding public transport can be a pain, but something many of us are doing. We have secure bike storage along with showers (Arran Aromatics toiletries provided) to help you get into work safely.

You can read more in our Safe Working Guide.

COVID-19 Plan


If you would like to explore workplace options at The Racquets Court, get in touch with a member of our team today.